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Interim Management

Special tasks

ISUCON supports your company with our experience from many years of leadership practice. As a reliable partner, we offer flexible and competent help in running your business. And because we know every business is unique, this support always begins with an intense exchange of ideas about your strategy and business concept.

As a "temporary manager" we are at your disposal, if vacancies occur at short notice or projects are to be completed in a timely manner. We also support you with temporary special tasks, such as restructuring and growth projects. In this way, you gain more freedom, remain flexible in terms of personnel, without having to forego additional competence and higher added value.

JDepending on requirements, the intensity and duration of the mission can be determined and tailored to a project or a specific time window as required.

Our core competencies are in the areas of corporate governance, finance and controlling.


The integration phase is the most important phase in deciding whether an M & A strategy delivers sustainable added value and is successful in the long term. In particular, the communication between management, workforce and new shareholder is a key factor in the success of integration.


Another important key factor lies in the realization of synergies and the resulting adaptations and changes of many organizational structures and procedures. In these processes, uncertainties can also develop within the workforce, which can affect the day-to-day business. The demands on the management during this phase are correspondingly complex.


During the integration phase, we provide temporary staffing for management tasks in order to realize synergy values, as well as communication tasks between management, owners and employees.


In difficult times, transparency about the initial economic situation of the company is an important prerequisite for future decisions. For this purpose, the quality of the accounting data must be assessed and put into a form that allows statements regarding the debt, the liquidity status and the economic success of the individual business units. Just as decisive is the fast and well structured communication between management, shareholders, banks and lenders, lawyers, tax consultants and accountants.

We take on commercial management tasks for a limited period of time and actively support management in dealing with corporate crises.

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