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Cross-Border Transactions

The entry into a new region or a new country requires solid knowledge of the respective national culture and specific peculiarities and is connected with the overcoming of cultural and administrative hurdles.


In the context of cross-border transactions, special attention must be paid to the following: negotiation-proof command of the language of the transaction (usually English), as far as possible basic knowledge of the language of the decision-makers involved, familiarity with foreign cultures and the fundamental differences between the different legal systems and tax systems, solid knowledge the internationally applicable accounting and valuation rules and know-how for the efficient integration of a foreign company.


Our experiences, contacts and networks have been successfully tested and proven for many years and do not have to be built up first.


For over fifteen years, we have been active in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. Together with Israeli investors, we have developed numerous projects worldwide. This is the root of our proven international competence.

We accompany foreign investors on their way to Germany and offer a bridgehead function for the development and development of a German business location.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Foundation of a legally independent business entity, legal form, etc.

  • Legal aspects to be considered (foreign legal and tax law system), licensing procedure, authorities (language barriers)

  • Installation of a back office

  • Local contacts, local face

  • Recruitment

  • Site selection

  • Financing options for investment, funding, subsidies and grants

  • Cooperation with local specialists, lawyers, tax experts, auditors, banks


We support you practically and comprehensively with your international orientation. Our offer bundles all other services of ISUCON and focuses on their specific needs in internationalization.

We accompany you on your way abroad with the following core competences:

  • Dedicated knowledge of intercultural characteristics, especially in Israel and the Middle East

  • Negotiating experience

  • Organization of international business travel for representatives of companies as well as business delegations for state governments and the municipal level

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