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Company Set-Up

If you want to build up a production location as a foreign investor in Germany, there are usually many questions to be answered in advance: Which legal form may or should your new company get, which tax and legal framework exists? Where is the best location? What is the financing? Which funding is available? Is adequate staff available?


We offer comprehensive coordination of all start-up activities during the construction phase of your new location. In doing so, we also assume responsibility for a limited period of time. We make it our mission to build a solid and sustainable foundation for your new location.

Site selection

Greenfield vs. Brownfield

The decision for a new location is of strategic importance. Choosing a location is critical to the cost, quality and speed at which services are provided. Therefore, a systematic approach to the planning of greenfield sites (single-handedly with regard to the establishment of a physical presence) but also of brownfield sites (further development of existing structures) is required.

With our experience we offer support in the following aspects:

  • Site research and analyzes

  • Investigation of production and competitive factors

  • Contact approaches to state promotion and development companies

  • Criteria-based target search

Market Development

We create individual market development concepts for you and accompany the process from development to implementation. Based on these concepts, ISUCON localizes opportunities and innovation potentials for your company.

Our services include:

  • Detailed elaboration of existing options for action

  • Scheduling

  • Identification of potential target groups

  • Mediation of contacts and access in the new market environment (companies, institutions, authorities)

  • Creation of requirement profiles for cooperation and business partners

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