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Company succession

succession planning

Business succession is a complex and sometimes emotional process. Many and very different questions have to be clarified in this context. When should the transfer be scheduled in good time? What value does the company have? Is there a meaningful business plan that arouses interest? Who is the right successor, external or internal? How do you find the right person? Are there any transitional solutions? What does the follow-up timetable look like? How should the transition be legally designed? What financing options are available for a takeover?

We assist you with these questions and work with you to develop a transparent and sustainable successor concept.

Company sale

The structuring and processing of all transaction-relevant information as well as documentation must be clearly agreed in advance in a company sale. Also, a professional team is to be put together on both a commercial and a legal level. We form the optimal link between all transaction participants and are always the central contact. Only if it is clear in advance how the company is presented can a successful transaction succeed.


Our services include:

  • Determination of the individual strategy

  • Preparation of suitable documents (teaser, information memorandum)

  • Search, Identification and Selection of Potential Investors (Long / Short list)

  • First contact and dispatch of the teaser

  • Signing NDA and shipping the info memo

  • Preparation, accompaniment and facilitation of management meetings

  • Shipping Procedure Letter

  • Preparation and supervision of due diligence

  • Obtaining LOI and accompanying the contract negotiations until the closing

Company valuation

and analysis

In determining the purchase price, it is understandable that differences often arise between the owner and the potential acquirer. Whereas the acquirer wants to pay the lowest possible purchase price, the entrepreneur often overestimates the value, as he has brought many years of effort and work into his own Frima.

We therefore support a transparent and comprehensible determination of the enterprise value. The beginning of each evaluation is the analysis of the company. Only on this basis can an appropriate assessment be made.

  • Evaluation of actual figures (degrees, BWA)

  • Analysis / plausibility of the planned figures

  • If necessary, development of integrated balance sheet planning

  • Determination of key figures and ratings

  • Creation of a SWOT analysis

  • Determination of capital and liquidity requirements

  • Determination of indicative enterprise value (comparative values, DCF, multipliers, net asset value, income value)

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