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Merger & Acquisition

Corporate Transactions

Growth targets can be achieved quickly and by leaps and bounds by purchasing from other companies or entering into joint ventures. In this way, products, distribution channels and revenues are immediately available in case of a majority takeover.


ISUCON is available as sparring partner for globally operating companies that are preparing their growth in Germany. We support our clients in the development of inorganic growth strategies, in deal implementation and in the subsequent post-merger integration process.


In order to successfully implement the acquisition of a company, resources must be planned in detail for both the acquisition phase and the post-merger integration phase. It calls for speed, clear structures and stringent communication, stable financing and full attention.

Company Acquisition


When companies join forces or change ownership, ISUCON helps to structure and design these processes.


Our services include:

  • Determination of the individual strategy

  • Analysis of the relevant market segment

  • Identification and Selection of Potential Targets (Long List / Short List)

  • Close coordination with the investor during the target filtering process

  • First address and contact with the targets

  • Signing Confidentiality Statement (NDA) and initial presentation of the investor's growth strategy

  • Preparation, accompaniment and moderation management meetings

  • Deal team compilation with specialists from the areas of auditing, tax and legal advice

  • Shipping Procedure Letter

  • Preparation and support during due diligence

  • Obtaining letters of intent (LOI) and accompanying investment negotiations

  • Advice on contract negotiations until the closing

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances bring companies together to work together in a collaborative manner. ISUCON supports your company development by establishing contacts to potential strategic partners. We arrange appointments, hold initial discussions and explore the opportunities for lasting cooperation. Benefit from the established network of ISUCON.

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