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Meierhofer Group, headquartered in Munich, has acquired a majority stake in Löser Medizintechnik GmbH.


The MEIERHOFER Group, based in Munich, has acquired a majority stake in Löser Medizintechnik GmbH. Since 2006, the Leipzig-based company has been successful in the market for intensive care IT solutions with its Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS) from the PREDEC® product family. The PREDEC® system group includes both software and hardware and is MPG-certified. ISUCON advises management team on sales.

Loeser Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in Leipzig in 2006 and is a leading manufacturer of innovative healthcare IT solutions for intensive care, OP, intermediate care and regular care. Implementations and round-the-clock support are carried out with our own IT service technicians. The company's PDMS solutions are Class IIa certified medical devices.

The medium-sized Meierhofer AG has been serving medical institutions since 1987 to digitalise their processes. At the same time, customers can access the complete hospital information system or choose modules for individual specialties (eg cardiology or opthalmology) or special solutions (for example, nursing or surgery). Meierhofer is the supplier of the product MCC. MCC is an information system with which clinics document, plan and evaluate their medical and nursing work. The portfolio includes both complete solutions that represent cross-departmental and interdisciplinary processes as well as stand-alone solutions for individual departments.

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